A Brief history

About twelve years ago I started photography as a hobby -- or more of an outlet -- to counter-balance my life in the world of IT. I constantly sought out opportunities to make photographs and people to do so with. I often did my editing at the local Starbucks, which was a haven for some really talented local artist. 
On one of those trips I was having a conversation about a book that I saw a young man reading when my mouth moved quicker than my brain.  

During the conversation the young man noticed that the pictures I was working on were of a young lady that he recognized. She was friends with his fiance. In practically one breath he complimented the pictures, asked if I knew his fiance and then asked if I would photograph his wedding. Without much thought I quickly said 'Yes'
Here I am twelve years later, very thankful for that spur of the moment "I do"

It all started over a conversation about a book at a coffee shop

I am a Believer, a husband, a father, a friend and then a wedding photographer.

Wedding photographs should tell a story -- your story. Your wedding day will be full of life and energy. It will be fluid in nature; taking its form from your emotion and spirit. It's a dynamic dance between you and your guests. Like your guests, I will follow your lead.

I believe God created each person with unique talents to be used to serve and bless others. I am thankful to have been given these talents and sharing them with the world is where I find my utmost fulfillment in life.

I love what I do and I love my clients! 

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